Quilt Sleeve for Hanging your Quilt

Putting a hanging sleeve on your quilt for the Quilt Show….

1.  Why…so it hangs right side up and straight.

2. Why…to protect your quilt against the metal or wooden hanging rods that are used. We don’t want to damage your fine work.

3. Make the sleeve finished size at least 4 inches  so the 2×2 square wooden rods fit thru it easily.

4. Makes take set up and take down go way more efficiently.

5. Those with sleeves will have preference for good viewing spots.

Thank you from the Set Up & Take Down crowd!

Intructions anyone?

Is anyone interested in us posting the instructions here for the Mystery Quilt? what about the demo at the March meeting? post your answers here and we’ll include them!

New officers announced!



President                               Sherry Parnell

1st Vice President                 Stephanie Kern

2nd Vice President               Linda Lium/Deanna Wilson

Treasurer                                Annie Neiffer

Secretary                                 Kay Butler

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January 2013

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